Exploring the Art of Interior Decorating: Feature

Exploring the Art of Interior Decorating

The first of June is when my husband and I officially entered the world of home ownership! Thus, exploring the art of interior decorating may have been a disguise for what was really taking over my life at that moment. Although I call it interior decorating, it hardly skimmed the surface of what that entails. 

The Heartward Project Works: Feature

Why The Heartward Project Works

So, it’s been quiet around here. As much as I’m tempted to start calling out the various activities that have been keeping me busy, I’d rather explain why The Heartward Project works. I know that if I had really loved laser cutting, then I would have made time for it. I dedicated April to exploring

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Exploring the Art of Laser Cutting: Feature Image

Exploring the Art of Laser Cutting

I can’t tell you how many times my jaw has dropped from simply observing a beautiful intricately cut piece of… paper. Paper! How in the world can such an ordinary object be turned into something so extraordinary? Two words: laser cutting. I’ve seen so many angles taken with laser cutting: colorful layered papers; a cut out canvas that

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Building My Weaving Loom - Feature

Building My Weaving Loom

I’ve been excited about creating my own weaving for a very long time. I just had a feeling that I was going to really love it. So far, that seems to be quite accurate! Since I anticipated enjoying weaving quite a bit, I opted for building my weaving loom instead of using an alternate option

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