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Exploring the Art of Laser Cutting

I can’t tell you how many times my jaw has dropped from simply observing a beautiful intricately cut piece of… paper. Paper! How in the world can such an ordinary object be turned into something so extraordinary? Two words: laser cutting.

I’ve seen so many angles taken with laser cutting: colorful layered papers; a cut out canvas that is perhaps back-lit and shining through carefully planned slits; a wedding invitation to what feels like it will be the most luxurious wedding; you name it! And don’t even get me started on the things you can make from wood. With so many opportunities, how can’t one succeed in this craft?

Well, this one does scare me a bit.

Not in a way that I’m afraid to use an x-acto knife, or afraid of cutting with a machine, but in a way that I’m going to have to be really creative. Like super, duper creative. Creative in ways that don’t come naturally to me. Creative in ways that are original, and something I can be proud to show off. Creative in ways that can dream up an entire composition and execute it flawlessly.

Do you ever hit that creative roadblock?

You know, the one that makes you have feelings that are found on the complete opposite end of the inspiration spectrum? Not so fun. Well, you’re not alone. That is exactly how I feel each time I try to take on a project like laser cutting. I’ve always felt that I know quality when I see it, and I can bring forward a great critique to help others further their work (here’s to you, three hour art classes). But I seem to struggle with reaching my own creative goals. What I picture in my head is what I rarely get to experience on paper–in this case, quite literally.

Sometimes I give up before I begin.

What a sad, sad statement. And unfortunately, I’ll bet many of you reading this can relate. All too many times we don’t even give ourselves a chance to grow. Can you imagine if you never tried to walk again after your very first fall? Thankfully, it’s your human instinct to move around like that, so giving up would have been highly unlikely.

The desire to create stems from that same place; the very core of your existence that makes you who you are.

So, are you just going to give up? Absolutely not! This speaks truth into my life. I know that I get these creative butterflies in my stomach because I’m supposed to do something about it. I know that all of these ideas in my head, they have to escape somehow. It’s a beautiful process. Like my thoughts and my hands are learning how to speak the same language. There’s no reason to expect perfection in that first conversation.

Let’s skip to the undo.

I’ve had my fair share of hand-cut projects. Have you seen my blog’s promo video? So this month, I’ll be utilizing my Silhouette Cameo that was gifted to me for Christmas from my parents (forever grateful)! I’ve been able to use it for some pretty cool projects already, but I know I haven’t tapped into it’s fullest potential.

For my month of laser cutting, I plan on utilizing digital software and my Silhouette simply so that I can keep moving forward. The regretted change can quickly be undone in the digital world, so that is how I will be finalizing my designs. Laser cutting with the Silhouette will save me so much time this month and it will also give me such precision with each cut.

The goal is to make more quality things in less time!

I am not sad to lose a bit of the hands-on element for laser cutting because I know that my brain is going to still be stretched creatively. I’m also thrilled to have this resource to see more ideas come to fruition this month.

Do you have experience with laser cutting? Please comment below what it is that you’d love to see me try this month!

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  1. Hey Taryn, I also had this happen the first time (and only) 🙁 time I tried it. I have been nervous to try again, but I will. I joined a group on FB for the Silhouette and love reading all of the comments and the great help they give. I can go in and add you if you’d like. From what I have gathered the vinyl that comes with it isn’t all that great. They suggest using your board with it. They also give great tips on what type of vinyl to use for what. It is pretty awesome! Love reading your stuff!

    1. Hey Shelly! Sorry for such a delayed response. I think my issue may have been a poor cutting mat. My paper wouldn’t stick well enough to it so when my blade would try to cut it, it would shift. I haven’t had issues with it since, but man I really struggled with it that night!! I would love to be added to that Facebook group! Any way I can gain access to more people who are experts with the Silhouette would be awesome. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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