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Why The Heartward Project Works

So, it’s been quiet around here. As much as I’m tempted to start calling out the various activities that have been keeping me busy, I’d rather explain why The Heartward Project works. I know that if I had really loved laser cutting, then I would have made time for it. I dedicated April to exploring the art of laser cutting, but it didn’t really take off.
And that’s perfect.
How is that perfect? Well, let’s revisit the purpose of The Heartward Project. I, like many others, can sit on Pinterest for hours and fall in love with numerous ideas over and over again. And as a multi-creative, I know that I can do many of those ideas myself. But, that doesn’t mean I can do them well. The Heartward Project was a way to give myself an opportunity to actually try these ideas and see how much I really enjoy them.
It’s one thing to enjoy observing the craft, and it’s another to enjoy creating it yourself.
I become fascinated and am impressed daily with the talent of other creatives. The way two people can take the same craft and produce completely different end results should be encouraging to all. There isn’t just one way to create. You are allowed to put your own twist on things! This should motivate you to just give it a try.
Who cares if you don’t fall in love with it? What do you have to lose?
The people you look up to have become experts in their craft. They have put themselves into their work, which is why they do it so well. When exploring different passions to find the one that you want to become an expert in, you must remember to not compare your work with the work of others who have been doing it for a long time. Somewhere tucked away in their parents’ closet lays the first painting they ever made. They were once beginners, too.
Specifically regarding my personal experience with laser cutting, there was one major difference.
They enjoyed doing it.
Read that again. They enjoyed doing it. That’s huge. That is why they are so great at their craft today; they enjoyed doing it. What I learned about laser cutting is that I like having the option to utilize that method when it’s needed, but I was not passionate about creating designs to cut just for the sake of creating designs to cut.
And yet, the month was not wasted.
The Heartward Project gives you the designated time window to explore an idea. It focuses you, knowing that if it doesn’t go well, you can start fresh the next month. Sometimes creativity just can’t be forced. If it doesn’t feel like it’s clicking, that’s okay! You haven’t lost anything.
At the start of this new month, after feeling stuck for weeks, my brain started rattling off all the ideas for what I could use my Silhouette Cameo to create.  What?!  I struggled day after day trying to find an idea that excited me, and then suddenly I had this marvelous creative breakthrough.
Again, what I discovered is that laser cutting may not be my *one* special focus that I’m seeking, but due to the nature of it having limitless applications, it certainly may still play a big role in the future! Who knows!
So, April has come and gone, and we’re now in May. I’ve been so excited to dedicate a month to this next craft! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more details soon!
Do you have a story of how The Heartward Project has worked for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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