For at least a couple of years now I have desired ownership of a creative outlet; a place I would deem safe to explore my latest interests, successful or not. Sure, that all can be done without a blog, but nothing was happening.

It wasn’t getting done.

The idea of this specific blog came to me at the start of 2016. Literally, the first of January. My husband and I were talking about our goals for the year, and I had mentioned my desire to have a common theme among my side projects—a niche, you could say. My typical approach to projects had been sporadic in theme, half-hearted in patience, and lacking in completion.

That last part is the kicker!

From that conversation came the idea of dedicating 2016 to the year of finishing. My husband, Type-A to his core, was beyond thrilled for me and this endeavor (I could already see him warming up his victory dance over my successes). On the spot, we generated a list of all (let’s be real, I have many more…) incomplete projects that are near and dear to my heart. Before we knew it, my “2016 Finish” list had 29 items on it.

Feeling overwhelmed was my expectation…

But really I was stoked! All these projects that I felt behind on I suddenly had a whole year to get them completed! Talk about an extended deadline! It felt great to simply have a plan of attack. As of mid-October, the time of writing this post, I have crossed 18 items off of that list and only have 11 to go. Even though the rest of 2016 brings launching this blog, working full-time, pursuing my Master’s degree, and the ever-chaotic holidays that are just around the corner, I’m confident I can cross more off before 2016 is over. Why? Because I have a plan.

But how does this relate to naming my blog?

“2016 Finish” wasn’t exactly set up to support a blog beyond 2016, but I was trusting my plan. My hope with “2016 Finish” was to feel like my plate (and mind) had been cleared, freeing up time (and brain capacity) to explore new creative passions. While I tried (key word) to refrain from exploring new ideas in 2016, I couldn’t keep from feeling so inspired by those around me.

The Heartward Project BeginningsMy heart was speaking.

Now let me tell you, when your heart speaks, you should listen to it. Mine was going stir crazy. Soaking in all these exciting new ideas, wondering if I was capable of mastering them; which would I enjoy doing and which would I discover that I’m happiest simply observing. My heartstrings were being pulled in all directions.

And so was born: The Heartward Project

The suffix ‘ward’ denotes a direction, and because my heart was yearning for exploration, it felt only fitting: Heartward. My plans for 2017 are three-fold: explore these passions buzzing around my heart, find something that resonates with me the best, and encourage others to come alongside me and do the same for themselves!

I have set up an exciting, year-long project for me to pursue in 2017 that I am beyond excited to share with you all! But that is for another time…

So until then, hang out, get familiar with my blog, shoot me a message, and most importantly…

Be Heartward.

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