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I hate spam, too.
Don’t worry. I want to keep my followers, not drive them away. I plan on sending out an email newsletter at least once every month, and perhaps a few more here and there. An email won’t be sent simply to obey a schedule; only content that I personally find valuable will be sent—I promise!

So then what’s in it for you?
Within my newsletter, I may provide freebies, tips and tricks, and share behind-the-scenes fun—who knows what else! The more engaging my blog, the greater the community created. I’d love, more than anything, to see waves being made of people simply moving in the direction of their dreams.

Think of it as a personal nudge toward your personal goals.
In fact, let’s get you started off on the right foot! When you sign up for my newsletter, over the course of a few days you will receive two worksheets that are designed to help you start organizing your creative goals. The first worksheet helps you brainstorm your never-too-many ideas, and the second is laser-focused on planning your next month. That’s right. Next. Month.

The Heartward Project is here to help you act on what makes your heart sing.
Sounds like the missing piece, right? While you soak in the emails over the next few days, here are a couple of next steps to get started on:

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Be Heartward.