TarynAbout me? Simple:
  • Multi-passionate and rarely bored
  • Pizza & key commands are my jam
  • Capable of pulling all-nighters sans-caffeine (so long as one of my go-to movies is on repeat in the background. Yes, repeat.)

Think we’re going to be friends?
My name is Taryn, and I invite you to snuggle up in your favorite space, grab the journal or notebook that makes you feel most creative—nothing is more motivating than a fresh, new notebook, amiright?—and get ready to explore some of those dreams that light you up! I want you to feel like you’re sharing this adventure with your closest of friends, so to get comfortable I’ll begin by introducing myself.

Let’s talk Taryn.

I love springtime, a bag of chips, and game night. Any dog over 25lbs is guaranteed to make me smile. Fun patterns make my heart flutter, and coding websites fuels my inner nerd. I am a follower of Jesus and whole-heartedly believe He brings joy to every situation if you just slow down enough to recognize it.

I have been married to my husband Jake since June 2014, and it has been the best adventure. Though both from the same hometown in Minnesota, we currently live in western Wisconsin with our two dogs. Just kidding about the dogs; I’m still working on that..

Jake encourages me daily and continues to play a key role in propelling this blog forward. Without him I would be lost in a sea of sticky-noted ideas, hitting the snooze button repeatedly, or still be standing in the yarn aisle. No, really.

Taryn and JakeWhat I have learned about myself is that I go through phases, approaching each new—or most recently visited—idea with a sincere curiosity and go all-in. I devote my precious, cognitive resources to absorbing and learning more about my latest craze to the point of it burning me out: hence the phases, and no, it is not recommended.

Enter: The Heartward Project

This idea came to me when I recognized that I had many dreams I wanted to pursue, but I was wasting valuable time just running in circles. Sound a little too familiar? I was stretching myself so thin, burning out my motivation, that my list of unfinished projects became more of a monster than making me jump out of bed in the morning (re: snooze button). I no longer wanted to skip across the surface of these phases, but rather go deeper with each idea that intrigues me. The Heartward Project gives me the controlled freedom I desire: time-box each creative phase to get the most out of it, and then move on. It’s that simple, right?

But how do I get started, you ask?

What makes you turn the page? What store could you spend hours in? What activity makes you lose track of time? Begin listening to these moments of inner peace, where you are totally content, and make note of them. Find what strings them all together, and then take that one step deeper. Do not feel like you have to limit yourself to exploring just one passion!

So go on, search every nook and cranny of this blog, wring out all of its goodness and soak up every last drop, and most importantly…

Be Heartward.

Discover how my blog’s name came to be.

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